FLIO UP – laptop stand workstation

  • collapsible, lightweight & easy to use
  • ergonomic posture
  • adjustable height
  • 3 devices in one compact design
  • sustainable bamboo
  • fits almost all laptops
Technical details

Dimension: 22 x 30 x 1 cm

Weight: 420g

What users say

5 star rating on Etsy reviews:

“Amazing product! Can’t work without it anymore.”

“Love my Flio laptop stand. It looks good, lifts my laptop screen to the perfect height and is super portable. The design is simple and smart!”

“Fantastic – I was a little skeptical whether I would use it or not. It totally improves the laptop experience, is a great invention and piece of craftsmanship. Folds super easily. You can take it everywhere. Don’t hesitate – get one!”

Does it work with my laptop?

Flio Up is designed to work with virtually any laptop, MacBook or PC laptop.

It accommodates laptops of all sizes, from 11″ up to 17″. Not sure still if your laptop works with Flio Up, then write us a line with a link to your model and we’ll come back to you shortly.


1. laptop stand

Flio Up is first of all a Laptop Stand that elevates your screen with an impressing height of up to 25 cm, bringing it to a comfortable eye level, reducing the risks of neck and back pain, spine and hand joints injuries. Just add an external keyboard & mouse and you’re ready to go whenever and wherever you have to use your laptop.


2. Lapdesk

Open Flio to the maximum and you’ll end up with a full size Lapdesk that will allow you to even use your mouse on the side of the laptop. The unique design and qualities of the material make Flio Up probably the lightest and in the same time most spacious Lapdesk on the market.


3. Standing stand

Last but not least Flio Up can be flipped on the side edges and transformed into a stable Standing Stand. You’ll be free to move around your office, cafes or home without being conditioned by sitting on the chair. Flio will raise your laptop to a proper height so that your hands can release tension and type comfortably while your back doesn’t get stuck in one position. Movement is key to good ergonomics.


Easy to use

Although the design of Flio Up allows it to have a complex functionality, the way you’ll put it up and running is very simple. Flio has just two parts, the hinge plates and the leg. These two can be assembled in less than 5 seconds for any of the functions you want and stay together thanks to integrated tiny magnets when collapsed.


Light & Portable

With Flio Up we’ve managed to fit 3 devices into a small compact format that has just 1 cm thin. Yes, that’s right. We’ve managed to fit 25 cm of elevation in the same dimensions that made the first Flio stand so light and portable. The total weight of Flio Up is 420 grams or 0.92 pounds.


Height adjustable

Flio Up has two height levels. Depending by your laptop dimensions and what is more comfortable for you, the laptop can be elevated to 25 cm or 20 cm. These dimensions were chosen based on the height we and the testing Flio users confirmed as most appropriate.


Innovative hinge

To achieve such flexibility we’ve had to rethink the way we use the material and push it’s qualities to the maximum. The key element that distinguishes Flio Up from other stands is it’s innovative hinge. We call it Butterfly hinge. It allows the main panels of the stand to flip to a perfect 180 degrees and stay locked there, preventing the rotation over this angle.